Five Mountains Institute
Qigong and Taijiquan
Our comprehensive classes teach the guidelines, philosophy, and theories for your understanding of the practice Qigong and Taiji. 

We share your commitment to self-improvement by helping our students experience the benefits of a successful practice.

Our classes benefit:

Classes in 2014:
Grasping Sparrows Tail Taiji at NSCC.  Spring Quarter  Starting September 27, 10 weeks.  Sign up at

T'ai Chi Chuan for beginners and intermediate at Edmonds CC.  Fall Quarter  Starting September 29, 10 weeks. This class is listed at 

Sustaining Vitality Qigong - ongoing classes featuring cultivation exercises, internal meditation, self-directed healing. Tuesdays, 7pm - 9pm.  Contact us at 206-605-8907 or 

Sustaining Vitality Qigong -  Fall Quarter Starting September 30,10 weeks through NSCC.  Sign up at

​Taijiquan: - ongoing -Beginning, intermediate and advanced taijiquan at Phinney Neighborhood center. Thursdays, 7pm - 9pm.
Contact us at 206-605-8907 or

Develop greater discipline, focus, concentration, self-development and emotional stability

Increase your flexibility, balance, endurance, and muscle tone

Finding a peaceful place within and a way to leave stress behind.

• Mind
• Body
• Spirit
Embracing the Taoist Tradition of Uniting with the Subtle Origin and the Development of All Life